Hey! We are Pro Needling. That is not to be confused with “Professional”. We aren’t claiming to be experts. We are advocates of Microneedling as our experiences have given us incredible results. While skincare is not a one size fits all practice, we hope through our own experiences and that of our friends and colleagues, we can encourage you to go and learn for yourself.

Working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for the past 20 years, we have been overwhelmed with beauty and anti-aging treatments. Why? Well, everyone is trying to create and look the best version of themselves.  Through trials and tribulations, Microneedling has seemed to be the go-to skin practice for many actors, models, and your everyday individual.

We hope to educate those that have been let down by many skincare treatments and to clear up all the conflicting information out there. We are here to let you know what’s worked best for us in hopes of you finding your own benefits.